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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK: Damaged U.S. Passport Chip Strands Passengers: “Damaging the embedded chip in your passport is now grounds for denying you the ability to travel in at least one airport in the U.S. Though the airport can slide the passport through the little number reader as easily as they can wave it in front of an RFID reader, they chose to deny a young child access to the flight, in essence denying the whole family. The child had accidentally sat on his passport, creasing the cover, and the passport appeared worn. The claim has been made that breaking the chip in the passport shows that you disrespect the privilege of owning a passport, and that the airport was justified in denying this child from using the passport.”

That sounds like statist language, doesn’t it: “disrespect the privilege of owning a passport.”

Privilege? Tar and feathers, at least, is a right, not a privilege. What’s the name of the officious idiot behind this? Make it public.

I agree with him, naming and shaming is the way to get things done. Maybe i'll ask reddit to look into this.

Monday, February 20, 2012


pre-order volume 4 (of 5) of Robert Caro's pulitzer prize-winning bio of LBJ.
this volume covers his first term. available in hardbark, kindle, or unabridged audio.
Around $20.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

http://www.hulu.com/watch/231925/beat-the-devil bogart in africa
the 39 steps
the 47 ronin

Saturday, February 18, 2012

the omnivore's 100

I have not yet had venison, curried goat, horse, or roadkill.
I have no plans to try crocodile, head cheese, fugu, chitterlings, epoises, or lobster themidor.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

found this list on reddit:
More shortcuts that some don't know: (these have been updated)
SHIFT + DEL deletes something permanently, no recycle bin. (Windows)
CTRL + ENTER opens a folder in a new window. (Windows)
CTRL + ESC opens start menu. (Windows, this works on remote access)
COMMAND + SPACE opens up the spotlight search thing at the top right (Mac)
You can also simple calculations there!
Windows Key + TAB is a cooler version of ALT + TAB (Win7 & Vista)
CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER will run the highlighted program with administrative rights (Win7)
Ex: Start menu -> search "cmd" -> key combination -> cmd as root user!
BACKSPACE goes up a folder when browsing. (Your PC not reddit)
BACKSPACE goes "back" on almost all internet explorers.
fn + BACKSPACE deletes the character after the cursor (Mac, like Windows's Delete)
CTRL + L goes to the address bar on many internet browsers.
F6 also goes to address bar
ALT + ENTER while in address bar opens in new tab, leaving current untouched
CTRL + T opens a new tab.
CTRL + TAB goes to next tab in -> direction
CTRL + # (Number) goes to #'th tab in your browser
CTRL + W closes current tab
CTRL + click opens link in new tab
ALT + click equivalent to right click -> save target as (downloads link location)
CTRL + - zooms out of the web page
CTRL + = zooms into the page (= is the button with + on it)
CTRL + 0 returns original zoom
On mac, these combinations still work, but some are with COMMAND instead of CTRL
COMMAND + right/left jumps to beginning/end (Mac, similar to home/end on Windows)
Here's one VERY few know.
Most keyboard shortcuts everywhere are reversed if you add shift.
ALT + TAB goes -> in list, ALT + SHIFT + TAB goes <-
Backspace goes back in internet browsers, SHIFT + BACKSPACE goes forwards
CTRL + T opens a new tab, CTRL + SHIFT + T re-opens the most recently closed tab
CTRL + TAB goes to -> tab, CTRL + SHIFT + TAB goes to <- tab
TAB goes to next item on page, SHIFT + TAB goes to previous
and so on so forth...
Will update if I find some more.

Edit: (updates)
CTRL + SHIFT + DEL also opens the task manager [KanadaKid19]
COMMAND + OPTION + ESC opens the Force Quit Menu (Mac) [NSAgent]
CTRL + SCROLL zooms in/out [rosetta_stoned]
Windows Key + Pause/Break opens up the system panel (Windows) [Atario]
SHIFT + F10 opens up context menu (Windows, like right click) [Atario]
Windows Key + D minimizes/restores everything, just like the bottom right corner [noseminer]
Windows Key + M minimizes everything as well, add SHIFT to undo [voetsjoeba]
Windows Key + E opens an explorer window (not internet, browses folders) [noseminer]
Windows Key + L will lock your computer (go back to profile selection) [noseminer]
Windows Key + R opens the Run command line. [lessobvious]
Windows Key + # (Number) opens the #'th program on your taskbar (Win7) [miscsubbin]
Windows Key + Arrow: [trollus_maximus]
UP maximizes window
RIGHT moves window to right (occupies half the screen)
LEFT does the same but left
DOWN un-maximizes, then minimizes
ALT + SPACE then a letter can maximize/move/close/etc. (underlined letters) [7298529874123]
RIGHT/LEFT can also move window to right/left monitor [spirko]

Saturday, February 04, 2012

best sportswriting i've read all year.

Friday, February 03, 2012

http://www.plantingdollars.com/personal-finance/101-ways-to-make-extra-money/ i have done about 20 of these.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

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