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bunch of old louis ck radio shows


blog of a pulizer prize winning photojournalist i ran into on reddit

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A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a free drink. The bartender says "I'll give you a free drink if you can tell me a multi-level meta joke." So the guy says "A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a free drink. The bartender says "I'll give you a free drink if you can tell me a meta joke." So the guy says "A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a free drink. The bartender says "I'll give you a free drink if you can tell me a good joke." So the guy says "What do you do when you see a spaceman? You park, man." So the bartender gives him a free beer." So the bartender gives him a free beer." So the bartender gives him a free beer.

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evolution of kermit.


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Hulu was playing this ad, and I recognized a voice.
It was Jeff Garlin.
I caught his show at Morty's a year or two ago and became a big fan.
Had to look it up to find out if it was him or not.
You might know him from curb your enthusiam or Wall-E.

                                                    You too can have a rover.

Oh there's sober men & plenty
And drunkards barely twenty
There are men of over ninety
That have never yet kissed a girl.
But give me a rambling rover
Fae Orkney down to Dover
We will roam the country over
And together we'll face the world.

Stinson also felt strongly enough about the issue a “dissental,” or to dissent from the denial of en banc rehearing.

Copy editing error in online chapter of David Lat's first novel, Supreme Ambitions. I was reading it today to distract me from being dosed with a drug though a tube in my nose, which is the sort of thing I do to support my blogging habit. If I run into more of these, I'll collect them and send them to Lat. It probably got cleaned up in the paper version. 

No more edits as of chapter 16. I'm going to try to put it down for a bit. I'm supposed to be marking up a lease-option of a church. The reason I support myself with drug studies - just finished this one - is I hav a tendency to procrastinate actual work.




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The Filharmonic: All I Want For Christmas Is You Back (Mariah Carey/Jack... 

first cuban cigar in WH since Clinton.

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How your cat is making you crazy

But it's not really your cat, it's cats in general, and you can contract Plasmotoxosis  ('toxo') from livestock, veggies, or dirt. If you do have a recent toxo infection, let me know, we can make some money off it.  But you probably wouldn't know if you had it or when you got it. I'm thinking of getting a $60 blood test to find out.

If you are american your odds are around 20%. The french it's more like 44% because of rare steaks, and some 4th world countries have 90% rates because of unsafe water.

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The Attorney. 2014, Korean. Tells the story of a tax lawyer who gets caught up in a human rights case.

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this land is your land, pete seeger, bruce springsteen at 2008 obama inauguration.

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n korean youth culture


a jean-luke festivus carol




I've seen monuments to the fallen of many wars, but never a memorial for those killed by cops.
It might have to be virtual at first. These reporters are having a hard time even getting the names of those who cold be on that wall.

"On Thursday fast food workers’ protests in the United States expanded to 190 states as the movement to raise the minimum wage in the US to $15 per hour marked its two-year anniversary."

190. Oh my.

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david lat's new book
 sample chapters online. hat tip will baude.


andy as elvis on the johnny cash show

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[–]ThatKevinSmith 49 points  
Thanks for the kind words. We're starting CLERKS III in June! In this sequel, Randal turns Dante into a walrus, and Jay and Silent Bob have to save him!
Now watch THAT show up here as a TIL...

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medical tourism explained.

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Fruit Tree Tour

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