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possibly british.


This was news to me; my roommate told me about it. My conservative repulican father took two years to die of cancer, and medical marijuana could have given him some relief. The 2016 legalization passing in, I think, 4 states, may havee marked a tipping point, where even irraationally socially conservative states like Indiana are considering medical marijuana, and steps such as hemp cultivation. The bill still needs the governor's signature.

edit: the bill has to go to a conference committee first.


Red Dwarf and the seven planets. 39 light years away.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to  write a science fiction story or novel set there.
"Seven Eves" is already taken.

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sent by casey.

Thursday, February 16, 2017


Milo Yiannopoulos on Joe Rogan. His "Dangerous Faggot" tour has been getting press, and protests, and Joe mentioned him while talking to Henry Rollins, so for the first time I've just looked him up.
He's cute, and says a few things I agree with, and then takes it further to the point where I could tired of it fast.. going to listen a bit longer. Like the accent. He's Greek but the accent is British.

Our legislators need to fix a long-standing problem with property ownership in Indiana.. Property is foreclosed upon and a judgment issued. The property though doesn't transfer
 officially though until there is a Sheriff's sale. Property owner has no authority to force the mortgage company/bank to have the court schedule the Sheriff's sale and such a sale might be delayed months even years. In the meantime, it remains officially in the property owners' name. Well that owner is not going to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to maintain property that has been foreclosed upon and the owner is not going to be able to redeem. And the mortgage company/bank that received the judgment doesn't actually own it yet, so they're not going to be able to fix it up. In the meantime, you have local officials coming in and hammering the property owner with fines and other penalties for not maintaining the home. Zombie homes they are sometimes referred to. Please legislature...we need help.

she's a local writer, lawyer, politician, knows people i know.


The many lives of Herbert O Yardley.
NSA article on Herbert Yardley, author and subject of "The American Black Chamber".
1. There's an unpublished Yardley book about japanese codes circa 1920. Unpublished because they passed a law to make it a crime to publish that sort of thing. What I'm wondering is if it is still classified, or could it be obtained, and if yes, who has the rights now, yardley's heirs I assume. He had a son.
2. He wrote some novels that became movies, and a radio show. Might track those down.
3. He bought back the rights to the book. Does that include movie rights? Given the recent movies about enigma and bletchley park, there might be interest.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

New Scalia documentary

Sunday, February 12, 2017

the bilbie, aka rabbit-eared bandicoot. this is the greater, the lesser went extinct in the 1950s.


video of a rally i ended up not going to today. my roommate went. i'd been invited but was cooking potatoes for food not bombs instead.



Futureist type news about presingularity effects, articles on transforming technologies.

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a long list of trump conflicts of interest.
more generaally there is a lot of discussion at the volokh conspiracy about the appellate ruling upholding the stay of trump's immigration order. either this is shaping up as a major separation of powers battle, or these are lawprofs who write a lot about current events. a bit of both.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

explanatory blurb didnt post.
Library Genesis
may contain pirate books.

www.bestpodcasts.org for podcasting recommendations.
www.ilovepdf.com has every pdf tool you need.
www.hemingwayapp.com makes your writing bold and clear like the author.
www.usefulinterweb.com has a list of useful internet sites.
www.fuckinghomepage.com for daily interesting links and vulgar language.

usefulinterweb 50 best -- https://medium.com/@usefulinterweb/50-free-and-useful-websites-2efb037be4db#.5wof3dsss


trumpwatch day 20ish
trump opposes forfeiture reform.

also i've been meaning to report this from rick hasen.
i am not unilaterally opposed to trump the way ricck is, i see him as doing some good things and some bad things.

We’re So Busy Talking About Trump Judge Tweets, We Ignore Oil and Gas Rules Killed at Request of Koch Bros.

Fascinating A1 NYT story by Eric Lipton.
Or this piece on killing net neutrality.
Or this on FDA safeguards for consumers taking medicines.
Or this on consumer protection and killing Dodd-Frank.
There’s so much disrupting going on, people just lack the bandwidth to process it all.

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falcons punched 34-28.

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