Thursday, August 25, 2005

I generally try not to let too many details of my personal life intrude into this blog, which is mostly my take on memes bouncing around the blogosphere. But this one is too good to pass up. Just had a call from the Jerry Springer show. They want to put my roommates on the show. I live in the hood. The white people who live around here usually do so because their lives are so messed up they don't have other options - that's why I'm here, and leaving shortly.
My female roommate could fairly be described as trailer trash, the perfect Jerry Springer type. She bounces between here, her no account ex, and jail. The male roommate, who at one time was smart, hardworking, somewhat middle class, is in the last stages of a long slide into alcoholism. They've been sober most of the last few weeks, and making an effort, but are still pretty hopeless. I'm trying to get them out, so I can clean the house before moving, but I'm a soft touch to their tales of woe.
The ex is always stalking them, plotting his next move. It's been extremely disruptive for me, and not really worth the benefit of cutting the rent in half - back when they used to pay rent. Plus, since I don't watch tv, it's cheap entertainment.
This the first time I've dealt with Jerry Springer. I had a client once, Bobby Hildago-Kern, who had a call from Montel, but we turned it down, after the ambush he got from the Daily Show.

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