Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Catching up on some of my regular blogs, Wil Wheaton has a lumberjack joke, some geeky rss tips, some katrina angst, a liveblogged poker tournament, some geeky gmail hacks, and an angsty thing about why do we blog anyway. Keeps me coming back. And I caught up at friendly hostility, and filthy lies is still doing it's harry potter thing, and ivy finally got fired from walmart.

OK, Wheaton, I can do that angst thing too. Just had another chat with my roommate, reminding myself of the drama levels here which is why I went away.
Where I was for a week was quiet, clean, safe, uncluttered apartment, no roaches, no drama. It's what I want and need, but I can tell I'm going to go stir-crazy during the long snowed-in winter (October thru May.) The problem I'm having is that I know one person there, a good friend, where here I have 500 people I know but am not close with any of them. There were several people on the bus I would have liked to talk to, but didn't get up the nerve. It's going to be hard to rebuild a social network starting from almost zero. I guess the main thing the new situation has going for it is that he needs me, in a personal-trainer financial-counselor sort of role, and it makes me feel good to be needed.
(mixed feelings about posting this to my blog, in which i try not to be too livejournal-ist.)

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