Saturday, September 24, 2005

Crescat feedback, two things.
Sudeep points to some opera, but the links are to amazon.
These operas would be in the public domain by now, although a given recording would belong to its performer. I'm committed to the open source post-scarcity movement. Rephrased, I don't have disposable income; I have few ties to the old economy where people bought and sold stuff. Is there open source opera, that is perforances dedicated to the public domain? My soon to be roommate likes opera, so it's soemthing I'm willing to learn a bit about.

Will writes about a bourbon, which is some sort of yucky whiskeyish stuff. I drink foofoo drinks like gin and tonic. He mentions this brand is only available in 4 states. That got me thinking about IJ's other case, the wine shipment one. Is there a new niche for a company to nationally distribute obscure bourbons? It would require expertise in the law and in bourbons.
IJ could start an on-line gift shop, with stuff like out of state wine, caskets, shoeshine kits...

Book 38 is going slowly. I'm 300 pages into it after a couple of weeks. Reckless Youth by Nigel Hamilton. So it's not a pageturner, but I haven't set it aside for something else either. It's a bit more detailed about the early JFK than most of what I've read, but the basic story is familiar. I'm at about 1940, after August but before November. I've seen criticisms of this book before, but I think it holds up well. It's post-Camelot, that is, it's an honest portrayal, and looks for and finds some dirt, without making stuff up. I should be taking better notes - I run across new facts I want in my fact file, but I'm not even dog-earing the pages or underlining. 500 pages to go.

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