Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Foundation and Umpire
I haven't looked at the Roberts hearing transcripts, just some of the liveblogging at scotusblog. But Senator Cornyn quoted Volokh, an odd 15 seconds of fame, on the question about umpires. Meanwhile Biden asked a question in which he bungled the strike rule - something about baseball. Volokh, of course, is one of the elect, having clerked for SDO'C, who Roberts was to have replaced. He's also some guy I've known online for ten years and we've corresponded a bit and I often comment at his blog.
Getting email from Cornyn was weirder - when he was texas AG, I wrote to his office for some complaint forms, and the email came back with the address john.cornyn@whatever. I didn't ask, but have always assumed it was some flunky, and using his name for the account is a campaign tactic or pr thingy. Biden I've actually met, when we taped a commercial in his living room for the Carter campaign - it taught me how to do a sound bite. Baude has written a paper on this umpire thing - the question has something to do with objectivity and intersubjectivity. Professor Sandra Harding stressed that stuff a lot in her philosophy of social science class. It's late, I'm babbling. I'm stressing over an upcoming hearing in one of my few remaining cases in Indiana.

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