Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Some tech news.
Big ass lasers cannons in fighter planes developed - this interests me because they are a step closer to the really big-ass lasers (another order of magnitude larger) that can push spacecraft.
Malasia is the next country into the space club. Moon launch planned for 2020, austronauts training shortly in Russia.
A guy from Jersey is hitching a ride from the Russians for the usual 20 million in order to spend some time on the space station. He's not just a tourist, he's a scientist paying his own way. That's cool.
That Japanese mining ship has reached its asteroid.
Bigelow Aerospace, the ones with the $50 million prize, is sending up a test model of their inflatable space habitats, again hitching a ride with a Russian/Ukraine rocket company.
The US government won't get in the way of space elevator testing. The elevator fans will put a ballooon a mile up, and practice with their cable-crawling transport thingy. The last couple years have seen a real change in attitudes about the elevator as something that will be tried, not just a what if pipe dream. Some computer developments at google, hp, apple. China is sending up another astronaut soon. Lots of signs a viable non-nasa space infrastructure is happening. In the bad news department, more popups are finding their way around firefox's popup blocker - used to just be drudge.

Meanwhile, I'm having one of my writer's block panics - I had some paperwork to do for a hearing Thursday, that should have been filed yesterday, that I haven't started, so an important case is likely to be dismissed. I had thought I'd recovered more of my ability to function than this by now. But I've had the writers block since I was 8 - college took me 12 years.
There's been a praying mantis flying around the room tonight.

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