Saturday, October 01, 2005

A heinlein discussion board I didn't know about.
In ubiqitous computing department, Negroponte at MIT media labs is saying he'll be making $100 laptops for schoolkids as of about next year. The bad news is they'll be banned from the market but for sale to governments.
Google is rolling out free wifi for san francisco, ad supported. Welcome to the metaverse - cheap wearable computing that is contextual to where you are.
That's going to mean another billion people online by 2012 (my earliest date for the singularity.) It's going to occur to somebody that $100 laptops are a good way to provide free universal education, kindergarten to college, for those 2 billion people.
Blogs are replacing law journals. Information is moving faster than before.
Pick a field, any field, say fusion research. The number of people with a phd level education in the field will be 100 times what it was 50 years ago. That won't, by itself, result in 100 times the speed of innovation, but it will have some effects.
Those 100-times-more-people will have instantaneous information flow, cheaper better smarter tools.
That's what will happen without any core breakthroughts. But, whether or not clean fusion is still 30 years away, there will inevitably be core breakthroughts in some areas. For example, workable fusion would be a core breakthrough, ending the energy scarcity crisis, moving to a post-scarcity energy world.
Other breakthroughs could include a "smart pill", a 'happy and smart pill", AI, a space elevator, hauling back the first iron-nickel asteroid, human cloning for spare parts, etc.

For about a year I've had this blog as my homepage. I just reset it to my to-do list page, in hopes that I'll do less blogging and more work. Just a test, might not work.
I'm fairly skilled at work avoidance.

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