Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Feature:
I forget how I started reading filthy lies. Probably just because it's on keenspot, home of sinfest, friendlyhostility, and other fine comix.
A tip from filthy lies led to least i could do, a comic about an amoral womanizer, a sort of toon version of tucker max.
Least I could do has, in its forums, a daily hottie section, usually pix from FHM or Maxim or that sort of thing. So I thought that might be fun
here's today's hottie.
Wow, that so did not work. I must have the url wrong. Developing....
Much better. BTW, I won't have a new one every day, just as I havent had a word for the day in a while.

Bonus: google ads know their audience. Hottie boy had a google ad for a sushi robot.
I saw, last week in some movie on cable, a sushi machine for the first time. It was one of those "yuppies have their toys but are shallow and lost" morality movies, I don't remember right now which one. The cable, of course, is one of those yuppie toys.
punkconnection.com/index.php more hotties. free, but primitive search features.

UPDATE! Up-date? The hot boy clicked yes, so we double matched on hot or not.
That means I have a dilemma. One of my rules is never spend money online. It would be $6 to join hotornot for a month, so that I could email this guy to say hi.
$6 isn't much, even for me, but the danger is opening the floodgates. I might try a work a round first, or bleg for the money.

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