Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Schiff Guilty on All Counts :.

Anti-tax crusader Irwin Schiff was found guilty Monday of charges including conspiracy, tax evasion and tax fraud.

Schiff, 77, who argues that paying taxes is voluntary, was handcuffed and led from U.S. District Court after a jury found him guilty of all 13 charges.

Judge Kent Dawson could sentence Schiff to up to 43 years in prison and up to $3.25 million in fines, plus unspecified sanctions for outbursts during the trial. He ordered Schiff jailed without bond until sentencing Jan. 20.

Schiff would be played by Danny DeVito in the movie version, e.g. his role in the Rainmaker. Short, fat, talks in a mix of bravado and silliness. We had lunch once, and one of my clients used to date him. His books are nonsense, at least the one I bought and tried to read. I think he's sincere, and has the right set of enemies.

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