Monday, October 03, 2005

Texas Hold'em.
So Bush has named his personal lawyer, a Ms. Miers, to the O'Connor seat.
I'm less hostile to that than some in the blogosphere have been.
She's female, from Texas, an elected official, a pioneer for women in the legal profession, with unknown views. Not a bad fit for the O'Connor seat. She's confirmable, even if scotusblog doesn't think so. And if she's not confirmed, that will cost the Democrats a lot - unless the opposition all comes from Republicans, which seems unlikely.
Now, personally, I tend to find female bar association presidents weak on gun rights. Maybe that's less true in Texas. Is she now, or has she ever been, a member of the federalist society? Probably not, and that counts against her. But overall, I'm cool with it. I don't like Bush, but I don't think he's stupid. 60 seems kind of old in a world where people retire at 65. But maybe we aren't in that world anymore. Rush Limbaugh was still practicing law at age 100. A woman in good health at 60 can expect to live to be, what, 85?
update:no. In 2030, an member of the elite who is 85 will still have a significant life expectancy. I was confusing the future with the present. She'll be on the court until the singularity, after which the court may no longer matter.
That'll do. How is she on stuff like the first amendment, the fourth amendment? We don't know. Bush knows much more about her than we do, and that's how he wants it.
heard on the net: Gonzales in drag.
Give 'em hell Harry.

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