Tuesday, October 18, 2005

There was an interesting nyt article linked at boingboing.net about life hacking, about time management. It was about distraction; how our computer screens have so much multitasking we forget what we came here to do. How the really sucessful use tricks like postit notes to keep coming back to focusing on the next task instead of some distraction. How bigger computer monitors help us get more done because we don't spend as much time lost between windows. I write this after checking my email, which then involved a couple of hours of writing a search and seizure memo to myself. I write this after going downstairs for coffee and having my roommate tell me about his week, which included being hit on the head with a metal bar by a guy who might have been trying to kill him. That's a typical day around here, and is why I'm in the middle of moving to wisconsin, which is calmer. I am myself prone to distraction. The docs say I don't have ADD, and they may be right, but I have some of the symptoms. This is all prolog to mentioning something that was in my email. I try not to get on mailing lists at my main email, or at least set up folders for them, but this one sneaks by - an anarchist atlanta mailing list. This month's study group is looking at Kropotkin's article on Anarchism in the brittanica. http://dwardmac.pitzer.edu/anarchist_archives/kropotkin/britanniaanarchy.html.
When I was 20, bumming around college, I read up some on our anarchist forebears, since the future is obviously about evolving trade networks and the obsolence of the state. Kropotkin, best known for Mutual Aid (ade?) is somebody who is a source for the leftist strain of anarchism, without being all polluted with marxism, as is so much of the left. I'm more influenced by the right-leaning anarchists of the American School, Paine, Spooner, David Friedamn et al.
So I'm not going to go to atlanta for the study group, and not going to just trash the message - I'll resolve the conflict by blogging about it.
I made a strategic decision to leave my book in Milwaukee - the kennedy one, Reckless Youth, that I'm only halfway through. It's been killing any shot I have at 50 books read and blogged in 2005. Not that that goal is essential. Instead of taking the 7 pm bus, I took the 8:30 bus and wandered around town a bit, and found that bookstore where I got many of my books on LBJ, about a year ago. My LBJ reseach has taken a major detour this year and become kennedy research. Too soon to say if I end up writing a) nothing b) a book about LBJ c) a book about patterns of corruption and betayal by US presidents - volume 1: the democrats. The safe money is on option A.

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