Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome catallarchy reader.
Part of my post below on the George Will column got picked up by Catallarchy, a first.
Addenda to Miers comments:
1. Much of the whining has focused on her utter lack of judicial experience. Turns out that wasn't true. After law school, she clerked for a federal judge. Now, I wasn't a clerk, merely a lowly intern, but that experience with the court led me to be a litigator mainly focused on appellate work. I prefer to leave trials to people who enjoy that sort of thing. Roberts clerked for Rehnquist. The man's dead, and I've finally learned how to spell his name. Everybody was all "the student has become the master." So let's see, Miers has judicial experience, executive experience, legislative experience, and private sector experience. So she's not qualified?
2. All this whining by conservatives - if it wasn't real, we would have had to invent it. It actually makes her more confirmable. She's a pro-life zealot, a born-again republican. Litmus-test-wise, the liberal should hate her. But they are too busy watching the right hate her. So she's likely to get confirmed without the sort of pitched battle everyone expected. The left will settle for a small hope that she's Souter; the right will settle for a small hope that she's not.

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