Monday, November 28, 2005

At redstate.org, the following was posted, emphasis added.
The Vendetta
By: Crank ยท Section: War

When the history of the decision to go to war in Iraq is written, there's one fact that I have to believe will get more attention than it does today: the fact that Saddam Hussein hired terrorists to murder George H.W. Bush.

I think his point would have been stronger if he'd used less weighted terms.
Saddam hired assassins to assassinate G. Herbert Walker Bush. What's his operational definition of terrorist, or murder? Generally terrorist is used to designate non-governmental actors who target civilians. If government agents who target military figures (the former commander-in-chief) are terrorists and murderers, then it would be fair to use those terms to describe American troops in Iraq, which might not be a result Crank would be comfortable with.
Then there's Vendetta. Recently I finally saw Godfather part II. The new place has cable. Vito Corleone has a vendetta against the mafia boss who killed his father mother and brother. He grows up and gets his revenge, as his children are drawn into the cycle of violence. W is a fourth generation politician - his great grandfather was one of the "merchants of death", buying munitions for WWI. Is the war in Iraq just a family squable between rival warlords? It would have been nice to know of his plans before the 2000 election. What Gore's secret plans were, we still don't know.

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