Friday, November 18, 2005

Baude v Heath
Indiana Law Blog reports on fallout from www.ij.org's other case last year, the wine shipment case, Granholm. Indiana's law policy of banning out of state wine was no good because the state allowed in-state wine shipments, setting up a dormant commerce clause problem. Fort Gratiot was a case about banning out of state trash from New Jersey, that ran into the same problems, I dimly remember from one of my few published articles, circa 1994. So Indiana suddenly banned in-state wine shipments too, except they did so with no legislation, no hearings, no comment period, no due process.
So there are now lawsuits to remove barriers to both sets of wine shipping. Baude here is Patrick Baude. If I have this right, Baude teaches constitutional law at IU, and is the father of blogger Will Baude, who was an intern at IJ while the case was going on.
While no Bainbridges, they seem to know their booze. It doesn't shock me that Indiana (the government) is acting in a cranky irrational manner to protect its fiefdom, at the expense of Indiana (the citizenry.)

Wine into water: continuing the baudewatch theme, some people merely walk on water, this guy writes a paper on it.

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