Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Turkey Day.

Althouse's squirrel picture is better.
I'll be going to a potluck which probably won't be vegetarian, grr,
bringing a bushel of pomegranites and some other stuff I picked up last night.

It was an unusual thanksgiving feast. Instead of a focus on food, we watched House of Flying Daggers and the Butterfly Effect, and a documentary about the dangers of snow crab fishing. The guy who lives in my garage worked on my truck, while I sorted through boxes of old stuff, like a journal I kept when I was 18, old love letters.
Butterfly Effect is an edge of the seat thriller about how different choices we make in live change reality. The boxes of old stuff reflect some of the choices I've made in my life, that have resulted in my winding up in, currently, Indy, shortly Milwaukee.
I have choices to make about where to go from here, and how to get there. Butterfly has a very strong performance from Ashton Kutcher. Then I came home and yelled at my roommates some more about the dishes - I think those noises I'm hearing are dishes getting washed finally. The personal stuff was necessary to make my point about the movie - this isn't a blog about what I had for lunch, I have my webcomic for that. Dill snow crab ravioli, actually.

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