Friday, November 04, 2005

Here's a story from wil wheaton at suicidegirls.com about a guy in racine sued because his grandson downloaded a movie. Parts of that site may not be safe for work.
Which reminds me on thursday I was in Chicago for a conference on this stuff. Cindy Cohn of EFF, Paul Alan Levy of Public Citizen, and other luminaries, talking about the filesharing suits. It's been an interest of mine since my roommate sid got a cease and desist letter in 1995 - he was an early filesharer.
So I should blog about it, so this is a placeholder mostly.
Everybody settles. They'd like to find somebody who won't settle.
Nice war stories about the boiler room settlement factories.
Currently Shook Hardy Bacon is the law firm handling the settlements - I think just for the music industry. Most go for around $4000. Shook was the 800 lb gorilla when I was in school, the firm with lots of lawyers, tall buildings, whiteshoe.
It could be the setting for a Grisham novel.
I don't know if a whole lot was accomplished, but the idea is a good one - bring together the people fighting the filesharing lawsuits to pool resources and ideas.

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