Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pyjama game:
[link opens midi file.]
or, banana republicans in pajamas,
or, last night i shot an elephant...
I'd been hearing good things for a long time about pajamas media, a proposed collection of blogs (some conservative, some less so) that would share ad revenues and such. I wasn't too bothered by the name change to and back from, open source media. But Althouse links to Dennis the Peasant's story of being screwed out of his and a friend's at least 40% share of a venture that evolved into pajamas [media?]
That much ill will among founding partners seems likely to kill the deal.
It doesn't seem offhand like one of those suits that crop up when somebody's rejected screenplay slightly resembles a later hit movie (a few of those are genuine, many aren't.) Sigh. Partnerships to do business ventures can be tricky - I used to be part of a two person law firm, and am no longer. Important to have things written down. I do a lot of deals based on a handshake and a willingness to document it later, and they usually work fine, but when they don't, there's no way to put them back together.

At the risk of having my gay.com membership revoked, I'll admit I've never seen the pyjama game, either on stage or the doris day movie, set in part at Hernando's Hideaway. I do remember a Frank Sinatra movie with a party scene where they sing Hernando's Hideaway, and Sinatra does a passable JFK imitation. I don't know if that was before or after Sinatra's mafia buddies [may have] had JFK whacked.
Probably Come Blow Your Horn 1963, so would have been made in 62 before a falling out with Kennedy? Good movie anyway, well-suited to a remake.

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