Friday, December 16, 2005

Amusing posts at asymetrical info via instapundit. Cheap easy healthy dishes, for a loose enough definition of cheap easy and healthy.

10. Puppy. Blender. Free, depending on the puppy.
9. Ramen. Oriental flavor, or chile if you can find it. 10 cents, 2 packages, various condiments. $0.20. Egg optional.
8. Ramen again.
7. 1 # lentils. $0.50 walmart, 0.79 elsewhere. 1# rice. 0.30. Boil lentils.
Carl's method was high heat, big pot, splash of vinegar, an onion, lots of curry, pepper to taste. Serve over rice. Serves 6. ~$1.
6. Breakfast: oatmeal. 24 oz walmart $1? Put dry oatmeal in a bowl - do not cook. Add cinnamon to taste, add enough fluid (cup or so) that it's not too dry. Raisins, blueberries, other fruit, in season. Maybe a splash of brown sugar, maybe not. Fluid = water, fruit juice, or cold coffee. If you have your own cow or goat, use milk, otherwise don't. Serve with instant coffee. $0.15. Options: toast. Use storebrand white bread or day old better bread. Spread with margerine or apple butter or lightly with peanut butter.
5. Oriental kale. The purple looking stuff, used for landscaping at banks and lawyer's offices. Harvest after dark. NC. Dice, toss in slow cooker with spices, serve over rice.
Related: in the spring, plant greens. Collard and turnip mostly, maybe some mustard or kale. Cook as above. Seeds $0.10 at local dollar store. Can be frozen for later use, harvest in fall and throughout season.
4. Miso soup. If you have seaweed and tofu and a drop of toasted sesame oil, great. If you don't, great. Last time I made this I had some stock and veggie bullion and leftovers that were bland by themselves, but fine with the miso. $0.07, based on a $3 tub of miso probably good for 50 soups.
3. Beans. Any kind. Heat water to boiling, set aside for an hour, change water, cook a few hours. Add spices to taste. $1, serves 8.
2. Stirfried veggies. Refer to tsel dey recipe if you don't know how to stirfry veggies. Price can vary widely. Cabbage, carrots, onion, potato, cheap. Baby bok choy, snow peas, lotus root, saffron, will run a little more. Let's call it $1.
1. Leftovers: combine any leftover ramen, kale, miso, beans, rice, lentils, veggies.

That's $5 for a week's eats. That isn't precisely my diet, but it's a good approximation. Add in a few $0.10 limes, a $0.50 can of guava juice, some drink mix. Add in 3 gin and tonics, $5 + tips, monday nights.
I should have thought of this earlier, earlier than december - going to go plug in the crock pot. When I got out the crock pot, I went thru that cabinet, which stuff to pack, throw away now, throw away later. So I'm eating raisin bran with soy milk and threw out a bunch of plastic drink mix jars. And by "threw out" I mean set aside for recycling. I'm a pack rat, but that's a viable ecological niche. Hiding, storing stuff for winter, likes shiny objects...

This from the comments was worth keeping:
How to get rich:

1. Have a good income.
2. Live frugally.
3. Invest in index funds.
4. Retire early, as a rich person.

Not sure why this plan is irksome.


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