Saturday, December 17, 2005

Book 47: Outline for Review, English History. Newton & Treat, 1907, 1921, American Book Company.
It's a sort of cliff notes, old enough to be in the public domain. About 5 inches high and 64 pages, it's concise, about a page per king or prime minister. Aside from 9th grade "world cultures western" I've never had a proper English history course, just picked up a bit here and there. The law schools I went to weren't really big on the history and evolution of law. Lots of "here is the rule", not lots of "where did the rule come from?" So this booklet, short enough to read in a day, dense enough I'm ready to read it again, was helpful.
Off to see if, unlikely, it's online.
A few tidbits: what we think of as the new deal, and a reaction to the depression, was enacted in England circa 1906-1910. The Russian and Mexican revolutions were in progress, and the US was making stides to rationalize and regulate the economy. That was the key mistake it's been taking us a century to begin to undo.
I havent found it online; you can buy it here $4.
If somebody's motivated to scan it and put it online, I'll mail it to them.

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