Saturday, December 10, 2005

(double posted - i've lost the change date field, and wanted to move this up to indicate updates)
Wired on Gilmore hearing. Declan.
update: a blogger was there, and understands the issues,
and also reports deborah daniels' case was dropped - the bus passenger in Denver. I don't know Ed Hasbrook, the practical nomad, but those are great links. other press: New York Sun Bay Area Argus San Diego Tribune Papersplease getting millions of hits.

More on Davis: the Washington Times reports they stopped the bus and wouldn't let her board the new bus - in my book, that's a seizure.
Mrs. Davis and her supporters boarded a Federal Center-bound bus yesterday and planned to refuse to show identification, forcing federal officers to cite or ignore them. Instead, officers stopped their bus before it reached the center and allowed passengers who showed identification to board a second bus. Rocky Mountain News: http://rockymountainnews.com
Federal officials said the Davis case was closed because of a technicality involving a problem with a sign at the Federal Center at the time Davis was ticketed. The sign was supposed to inform people that their IDs would be checked. The "technicality" is the right to notice as part of due process under the 14th amendment and Colorado constitution. "A New Rosa Parks"

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