Thursday, December 01, 2005

Howard: And in Gates v. Towery, the court examines whether named plaintiffs who have initiated a federal civil rights class action challenging the procedures that Chicago uses for dealing with property that the police seize when making custodial arrests remain viable class representatives after the City provides them with checks for the money that was taken from them upon their arrests and the promise of interest.

Elton Gates was arrested in Chicago and the police kept the $113 he had on him. He sued as a class action. Easterbrook authors an opinion about whether his suit is moot is they offer him his $113 back - it isn't.
CCA has a fund of $20 million that use to pay off lawsuits - they get sued a lot, soem frivolous, some serious. My friend Ray at the Ohio ACLU collected 1.9 million from them to settle some of the claims in Cutter v Wilkinson, CCA won some of the other claims in the Supreme Court last year.
Yale protest. Link.

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