Tuesday, January 24, 2006

At Volokh, David Koppel (who just gave me the canadian election returns) relates a story about a guy who brought some guns from Jersey via Gatwick to his home in the Isle of Mann. I have a friend who lives in Jersey, although he'll be at Oxford soon.
It's a lesson in political geography. Here's how a law lord once explained it to me:
England is part of Great Britain. Great Britain is part of the United Kingdom. The UK is part of the British Commonwealth. All clear now?
So the Channel Islands are not part of the UK, and can make their own rules, and have often been tax havens.
This is prelude to why Norfolk Island recognizes Queen Elizabeth, but considers Austrailia an invading usurper. Norfolk is populated by former residents of Pitcairn. While everybody speaks English, Norfolk has the largest population of speakers of the Pitcairn dialect.

England in turn has at least 6 counties, which were independent kingdoms until about 600, when Wessex took over the others while fighting the Danes.

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