Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Kelo fallout:
The Indiana legislature is considering a bill to make eminent domain takings more difficult and expensive. This is partly about Kelo, but eminent domain abuse has been an issue in the legislature for years - bills get introduced but don't pass. Currently there's a very hot eminent domain dispute going on - the Indianapolis Colts, via the convention center agency, are trying to take over a small local bean factory, to make it into a parking lot for the new stadium. This is in the same part of town where Anthem (formerly blue cross)tried to take a tomato-packing plant a few years ago.
Disclosures: I like the bean soup that factory makes... I think go throw some in the crockpot now! I've long been opposed to eminent domain abuse on philosophical grounds, but it's currently more personal - A property I used to own is being taken by the city for yet another golf course, and I'm involved trying to get a fair deal fopr the guy I gave the proprety to. And a bunch of my other properties are in a reverse condemnation situation where the city has effectively taken them but not paid for what they've taken.

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