Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Placeholder for a post on what I'm reading.
Currently: Jack: The struggles of JFK.
Finished last night: a pocketbook paperback on Lyndon Johnson, 1963.
A few days ago: LBJ, a Very Human President, Jack Valenti, 1976.
Started and couldn't finish: Something by Carlos Castenada, had Silence in the title, Power of Silence? a (4th?) book in the tales of don juan.

also a placeholder for F Lee Bailey's thoughts on lie detectors and juries, updated by that wired article on brain scans.

I'm not sleeping well, and not getting any work done, so there's lots of reading in bed or bath, although I'm running low on the junk food books and am left with the denser, nutricious but less snackable books. Food is the same way - I get mostly healthy stuff, but eat the junk first. Path of least resistance and all.

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