Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wil is blogging from Atlantis, aka Nassau in the Bahamas. Which reminds me of something that happened over xmas - I think I couldn't run blogger from mom's mac. We were on I-95 passing the philly airport, on our way home from visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art (the one where Rocky runs up the steps.) I saw two billboards - one for a flight to Nassau, $69, one for a hotel room, $79. I just found it interesting that it was cheaper to fly to another county than to get a night's sleep. Granted, the real price of the plane ticket would be higher, which might be the case with the hotel room too. Given my austerity policies, I don't fly, and don't stay in hotels, and I have yet to make it to the Bahamas. I gave my brother a copy of A Pirate Looks at 50, which is about Jimmy Buffet flying his own plane around the carribean.
Update: atlantis is the resort (I wasn't sure), and he was there for a poker tournament, which he lost but enjoyed. My brother turns 50 today (1/12/06) I think.

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