Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A brief personal note: I either have the bird flu, or I'm hung over. have a bad cold, or a mild flu, or something. It feels like mono, but you only get that once.
A job interview went well today, although the assignment might not start for a month, and being told I pretty much have the job isn't the same as cashing the first paycheck. Involves grading papers for a temp agency, about 6 months a year - that would work for me. I'm going to go home sweet hotel and sleep for a few days.
The LBJ book by Ronnie Dugger is pretty good; otherwise I 'd be am going stir crazy.

update: two weeks later I still have the cold.
I finished Johnson by Dugger, finished How Stella, read Reasonable Doubt about the JFK hit, paid off my library fine for Brad Smith's Unfree Speech so I could check out a book about Stories of Economic Genius, a pretty good book about eccentric economists from Von Neumann through John Nash, Adam Smith, PS DuPont I, Bentham, Mill, Marx, Keynes, and the Duke of Arkansas. At points it became tedious like reading a textbook, but the idea is a good one - show how economic theory was developed by a series of madmen. Currently reading Fennimore Coopoer's The Pioneers,
because it's the only book in the hotel room I hadn't read, so now I'm at the library to pick up a few more.

A few more including Joe Kennedy: the mogul, the mob, something something. Reasonably good; goes out on a limb with its own theories at times.
The John Varley Reader - very good, read it cover to cover last night while snowed in after my truck broke down - it was 5 miles uphill both ways back to the hotel room,
but today I took a bike and bus and picked up my car at the shop -it might or might not be about to break down too, so I probably won't risk going to bloomington this weekend.
This just in: Red Lightning, Varley's sequel to Red Thunder, has been accepted for publication.

The Truth about Hillary Clinton - ok, lightweight, overlapped with what I'd recently read in American Evita. The general idea is she's a liar, harridan and embezzler, who studied abuse of executive privilege during the Nixon impeachment, and went on to know just what she could get away with as the power behind Bill Clinton, and now a senator in the model of LBJ, planning a run in 2008 or 2012.
Seems a reasonable assessment.

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