Thursday, April 06, 2006

Currently reading:
My 12 years with JFK by Evelyn Lincoln. I knew Lincoln was JFK's competent loyal secretary, handling phone calls, shorthand and typing. I didn't know her father was a congressman and she was in law school when she got the job. She says she picked JFK, when he was still in congress, because she'd decided he was going to be president. Unclear if that's hindsight talking. Good book, readable. It's from the camelot school of kennediana - no hint of scandals or bimbos.
Finished that, finished Ruffles and Flourishes, by Liz Carpenter, Lady Bird's press secretary, reading Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye by O'Donnell, Kennedy's "Irish Mafia" assistants.
So lately it's been:

My 12 years with JFK by Evelyn Lincoln
Ruffles and Flourishes, by Liz Carpenter,
Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye by O'Donnell
A Beautiful Mind, the John Nash story
Vernor Vinge
Tucker Max
The triumph and tragedy of Lyndon Johnson - Califano
With No Aplogies - Goldwater
LBJ book by Ronnie Dugger
How Stella got her groove back
Reasonable Doubt
Red Thunder
John Varley Reader
Brad Smith's Unfree Speech
Stories of Economic Genius

Bought 8 more kennedy-era books today, $10.
Fennimore Cooper's The Pioneers,
The Truth about Hillary Clinton
American Evita
17: Joe Kennedy: the mogul, the mob, something something.
At this rate I might read 50 books again this year - soon, with a job and a new computer, I'll have less time for reading.

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