Tuesday, June 06, 2006

happy beast day, 6/6/6

update: I got a nice beast day card from my ex wife.

Stuff I'm reading:
At play in the fields of the lord.
Well-written book about some missionaries in the amazon jungle.
I seem to remember a real-life version of that in the papers awhile back.
Google tells me the movie was a Darryl Hannah vehicle. She and her other brother Daryl were arrested the other day, squatting in an urban garden.

Stuff I've read recently:
Mark Twain in Nevada. 1947, Effie somebody, rare first edition. I'm a Twain fan; used to live in Hannibal. Learned a few things - Twain was a big shot even before he started writing books. Got famous as a newspaperman covering the Comstock lode. His brother was secretary and often acting governor of the territory. Twain was elected "Governor of the 3rd House", a sort of drinking club and lampoon of the legislature.
Arizona A cowboy romance novel, date unknown. Boy gets Girl and ranch.
On Instructions of My Government, 1974, Pierre Salinger. International intrigue in latin america. Fiction, this is about as close as Saliger comes to attacking Johnson and his diplomacy. Readable.
Murder in the White House, Margaret Truman, 1980. Again, readable.
Spoiler: the president's daughter is the killer. They say "write about what you know."
I am probably farther than ever from getting started on my LBJ book - it probably won't happen. Most projects I begin don't get finished.

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