Monday, August 21, 2006

I've been obsessing lately with Bob Annis, the late local mad scientist who ran his electronic aparatus company in the old mansion down the street from the coffeehouse I usually blog from. Photo.
This just in:
In 1997, the institute was renamed the Robert B. Annis Water Resources Institute, in recognition of the long-term support and encouragement of the Indianapolis scientist and businessman. In the summer of 2001, the institute moved from the Allendale Campus to its new home at the Lake Michigan Center on Muskegon Lake. Al Steinman was hired as the new director. The newer facilities include classrooms, conference areas, research and analytic labs, ship dockage, support and storage
The AWRI Office is located at the Lake Michigan Center, 740 West Shoreline Drive, Muskegon, Michigan, 49441. Telephone: (231) 728-3601 or (616) 331-3749.

Maybe these folks would help me preserve some of his mementos.
On my latest dumpster diving expedition I got some vacuum tube driven oscilloscope amplifiers and stuff I can't identify - the historical society is throwing away some of his stuff and putting other stuff in storage.

Boilerplate Copy
Copy and paste these into your document when you need a quick overview about the university. See History of Grand Valley for more information.

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Grand Valley State University, established in 1960, is a four-year public university. It attracts more than 22,000 students with its high quality programs and state-of-the-art facilities. Grand Valley provides a fully accredited liberal arts undergraduate and graduate education and has campuses in Allendale, Grand Rapids, and Holland and centers in Muskegon and Traverse City. Grand Valley is the comprehensive regional university for the state's second largest metropolitan area and offers 69 undergraduate and 25 graduate degree programs. The university is dedicated to individual student achievement, going beyond the traditional classroom experience, with research opportunities and business partnerships. Grand Valley employs more than 1,700 people and is committed to providing a fair and equitable environment for the continued success of all.

Oh! Here's a (current?) address for the company.
R. B. Annis Instruments, Inc.
117 W. Franklin St.
Greencastle, IN 46202
(765) 848-1621

R.B. Annis Instruments, Inc. builds the finest precision demagnetizing and testing equipment available. Annis designs demonstrate a level of sophisticated simplicity that has earned them worldwide renown, and it is an unparalleled understanding of electro/magnetic design fundamentals which allows Annis engineers to build customized solutions for virtually every technical obstacle.

The creative spirit of Annis Instruments grew from the talents of its founder, Robert B. Annis. Born in 1907, Annis developed a technical knack during the heyday of radio, and spent his early career honing the skills that would turn hobby into profession. During the war years, he'd already amassed enough professional kudos to catch the eye of military-industrial fabricators, and he quickly gained a reputation as an intricate problem solver. His modest, respected staff of engineers and manufacturers has grown to share his skills (some through 45+ years of service), and proudly maintain the Annis name. Today, Annis Instruments remains a small, hands-on operation - an assurance of remarkable consistency and quality.

Annis Instruments produces a catalog of 1000+ products, but to this day specializes in custom solutions in demagnetizing. To begin the consultation process with an Annis engineer, please contact us today. Visit our product line here

As I say, it's an obsession.. I'll stop for now.* Didn't get a whole lot done on the case I'm working on.. easily distracted.

* update: today's find was shipping boxes from Bob's film library.
Before the war, he had a film rental company. These were the boxes.. I'm still looking for the films. The stamp shop said the stamps on the boxes didn't have any value in themselves - generic 40s era presidential series stamps.

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