Monday, August 21, 2006

What I'm reading:
Taking Charge is a set of transcripts of LBJ tapes circa 1963-1964. I find I need to be reading something, especially at 4 am.
This wasn't as dull as I expected. Just started this one.
In the selection I just read, Johnson tricks and armstwists Earl Warren and Richard Russell (who hated Warren) into serving on the Warren commission. They felt a quick coverup could prevent the soviets for taking credit for JFK's killing, which they feared would result in nuclear war. Can't tell if this was more Johnson bullshit.

Sellout, about the Clinton impeachment, by a Democrat working for Hyde on the impeachment staff.
Meshes well with Ann Coulter's books on the Clinton's covering the same era, that I read recently.
The last precinct is a Patrica Cornwell mystery. She's the one who has a pretty good theory about Jack the Ripper being a certain obscure painter. I found the book in a locked dumpster in an alley behind the club, past the stable. Once I knew there was a book in there, the lock didn't stop me. I have a trophism for books. I didn't know which book it would be, and the Cornwell was a nice reward - readable if not especially educational. The last book I'd gotten there was about China.

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