Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What I'm reading:
update 8/15: The case against clinton, by ann coulter. Nuff said?
FDR, a crital bio from 1972, caustic and funny.
Lessons in Seamanship, 1938, a book formally owned by DJ Argus, owner of the Argus, and a crony of the mad scientist I've been researching. The historical society was throwing away some of his books. I'm working with them to try to get them to understand the historical importance of the building is in its recent past, the stuff they are throwing away, not its 1850s original period.

Finished today, Abnormal Psychology, 700 pages, mid-eighties.
Yesterday: Journey into China, a national geographic anthology,
nice pictures. Found in a dumpster.
On the way here just now, I spent $25 of my rent money on books...
Anne Coulter on the Clintons, a book reprint of revolutionary war anonymous tracts,
something on FDR.

Went to a city council meeting last night. Budget speech by the mayor, innumerable resolutions honoring old black guys, etc. New ordinance regulating scrap dealers... they'll have to fingerprint sellers, like pawn shops do. Councilman Scott Scheider suggests there will be unintended consequences.

Some resolution I didn't quite catch about the near east side, the area I live in.
Not sure what they'll be doing to "abandoned" houses and vacant lots.
Then they got to the business I was there for - a proposal to spend a few more million on CCA, Crime Colleges of America.

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