Friday, October 05, 2007

was reading slashdot, cuz it's friday night and i'm a geek. ran into wil telling his larry niven story:

Any mutual "I can't belive it's ...!" moments?
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by gevmage (213603) * Alter Relationship on Friday October 05, @12:06PM (#20868921)

Wil Wheaton has written about meeting a famous author, I think it was Larry Niven, and being completely blown away that Niven was at least as jazzed about meeting Wil as vice versa.

I'm sure you've met lots of folks that us normal mortals only see on TV. Anyone in particular that you were really excited to meet who hyperventilated when they realized who you were?
Craig Steffen

Yeah, mutual geeking out is awesome
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by CleverNickName (129189) * FriendFriend of a Friend on Friday October 05, @03:23PM (#20872117)
(http://www.wilwheaton.net/ | Last Journal: Saturday April 07, @12:36PM)
Yeah, it was Larry Niven.

I wrote about it in my blog [typepad.com], thusly:

Around 1987 or 1988, I saw Larry Niven at a convention. I was officially there to be the Star Trek guy, but I didn't have to go on stage for a few hours, and rather than sit in some suite with the rest of the Star Trek people who didn't want to get too close to the masses, I grabbed my backpack and wandered around the convention as nerdy fanboy number 42.

I bought a ton of crap in the dealer's room (mostly FASA sourcebooks, and some bootleg anime videos IIRC) and on my way down a hallway toward the gaming room, I saw this guy who was dressed in a Space Shuttle flight suit (blue) sitting behind a table that had some books on it.

Holy shit, it was Larry Niven.

I walked up to him and the conversation went something like this:





Both: YES!

Me: I don't have a pen.

Him: It's okay, I have several.

He pulled a pen out of the shoulder pen-holding pocket thing on his blue Space Shuttle flight suit. I was so out-nerded, it wasn't even funny. I tried to counter-attack by producing my own copy of Ringworld that I had in my backpack, because I carried it with me everywhere in those days, just in case, you know, I felt like reading it. (I am not exaggerating at all. I loved -- and continue to love -- that book that much. For reals.)
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Slashdot v. Digg
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by CleverNickName (129189) * FriendFriend of a Friend on Friday October 05, @08:54PM (#20875605)
(http://www.wilwheaton.net/ | Last Journal: Saturday April 07, @12:36PM)
I'm glad you post on Slashdot even though you also have a Digg account.

I don't subscribe to the notion that we should only have one account in one place, and participate in one community. That attitude is one of the myriad reasons I don't waste my time on Digg any more. In addition to that annoyance, the comments and interaction at Digg is worse than useless, and even as an aggregator it's become inferior to Reddit and Propeller (where I'm a scout - full disclosure.) Digg could have been really cool, if it had the kind of leadership that Slashdot has via editors. Instead, those who would lead Digg seem more content to cash the checks and let the Digg Mob run out of control down every tube on the Internets.

For truly useful and worthwhile discussion and insight, nothing comes close to Slashdot. In fact, if I were to ask Rob a question, it would be about the commenting and moderation system: does he agree that Slashdot has the best moderation online, and why doesn't every community use the same model?
[it was wil who got me blogging a few years ago. turned out to be a pointless waste of time, but what isn't?]

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