Saturday, October 06, 2007

what i should be reading:
discourses on livy, by machiavelli.
When I was 17 and began my formal training as a political philosopher, I studied The Prince and Mandragola by Machivelli, under Jan Blitz, who I've later come to suspect was a Straussian. But I wasn't aware of this third book. Lawrence Lessig recommended it, as background reading for his work on corruption.
What I have been reading:
Lord Peter, collected short stories, Dorothy L Sayers.
Third time I've read this one, so I mostly know whodunnit by now, but still fun to read.
Ender's Shadow. A sort of companion volume to Ender's Game. Trash, but fun.
Wall and Piece, by Banksy. Bought at Wooden Shoe books.
Started an autobio of Drew Barrymore, Little Girl Lost, mostly about her teenage struggles with addiction.

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