Thursday, November 22, 2007

Broiled tomatoes Provencal (tomato, garlic, onion, crutons, optional parsley)
Roasted sweet potato
Green beans
tossed salad, red wine vinagrette
apple pie
coffee, decaf.
Thanks Mom!

What I'm reading: Book 40 (approximately) PG Wodehouse, Mike at Wrykyn, 41 The Adventures of Sally, 42 Pigs have Wings, 43 Psmith, Journalist, 44 Mike and Psmith, 45 Psmith in the City 46 A Gentleman of Leisure. So it looks like I'll have read 50 books this year after all, assuming I read anything next month.
"Mike" is a book about cricket. When I started the book yesterday, I didn't know much about cricket - something about a bowler who bounces a ball toward a batter and tries to knock down a wicket. Now that I've read a book about it, I know a good bit less.
Other stuff: caught up at questionable content.
A Gentleman of Leisure, like Sally, is a screwball comedy in which the young lady gets engaged to wrong man, people are not who they seem to be, fortunes are won and lost, and it all works out in the end. Douglas Fairbanks played our hero - off to google for a link, would be a fun movie to see, or maybe it was just on stage. Ah, Wodehouse apparently refers to Douglas Fairbanks senior, the one who married Mary Pickford, rather than Junior, who married Joan Crawford. I've probably never sorted out which is which.

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