Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Euro = $1.45 today.
At least 852 American military personnel have died in Iraq so far this year - the highest annual in 200toll since the war began in March 2003. Not counting blackwater-type contractors.
Foreclosure wave sweeps america. Oil headed over $100/barrel.
Gold in 2000 when Bush took office: around $300. Gold today: around 800. So a Bush dollar is worth 38 cents in clinton dollars, when denominated in gold. Silver today: $15/oz. Copper today: $3/lb. So copper pennies are worth around 3 cents. Platinum is around $1500/oz. Point is that GWB has devalued the currency. In 1997 I was making around $20,000 a year, in 2007 I'm making around $20,000, the difference is the dollar is worth less than it was.

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