Friday, November 02, 2007

I watched Casablanca night before last. (Yesterday, West Side Story and Private Parts.) I'd never seen the first few minutes. The following text was a comment left at volokh in a thread about cryptonomicon.
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John Armstrong (mail) (www):
I couldn't respond to the poll because I refuse to touch the book. It's been so overhyped by so many people that I just won't touch it. I'm probably alone in this, but maybe not.

(link)The Cabbage:
John Armstrong,

That means the book is Casablancaed. Something is Casablancaed when it is hyped beyond belief. Everyone you know and every opinion you trust is raving about the book/movie/album/play and how wonderful it is. You know there is no way it can possibly live up to the hype, so you never seek it out.

Then you've got nothing better to do one day and you spot it laying on a shelf/on AMC/in the ipod playlist/before a date when your desperate to look cultured, so you say 'why not? it probably won't suck.'

When your done reading/watching/listening/watching, you sit and think, "Wow. They were all right, and no one embellished. That was awesome."

Realizing that something was Casablancaed is an interesting moment. You're not angry, because you just experienced something quite excellent. But there is the tiniest bit of regret that you didn't trust everyone. Of course, the regret leaves the moment your idiot friend convinces you to spend nine of your hard earned dollars to go see "Syriana".
11.1.2007 11:23pm

I forgot to buy a copy of system of the world before I came to work - I'm spending three weeks at Abbott right now, and the Jordan Wheel of Time book I brought is unreadable at first try, so I'm reading a bio of Nelson Rockefeller and Emmett Tyrell's Boy Clinton, after finishing Man/Kzin Wars III. (Niven/Pournelle/Poul Anderson.)

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