Friday, November 09, 2007

Today the Supreme Court considers whether to take the DC 2nd Amendment case about whether DC can ban handguns, but we won't hear anything till Tuesday at the earliest.
I've been on the phone today with some privacy lawyers from Boston, and might be participating as an amicus in the voter ID case.
Tom Palmer, one of six plaintiffs named in the original lawsuit challenging the Washington, DC ban, considers the case a matter of life and death. An openly gay scholar in international relations at the rightwing Cato Institute, he thinks that a handgun saved him years ago in San Jose, California, when a gang threatened him.

"A group of young men started yelling at us, 'faggot', 'homo', 'queer', 'we're going to kill you' and 'they'll never find your bodies'," Mr Palmer said in a March 2003 declaration.

"Fortunately, I was able to pull my handgun out of my backpack, and our assailants backed off."
briefs and filings. aba article:
“They recognized this was a good case and D.C. was the perfect place,” says plaintiffs lawyer Robert A. Levy, a senior fellow at Washington’s libertarian Cato Institute. “That’s what concerned them.”

Levy, who is bankrolling and pushing Heller to the Supreme Court out of his own pocket and on his own time, says the NRA first sent two lawyers to try to dissuade him from filing the case. After that failed, Levy says the NRA tried to hijack the case by filing a competing case, then trying to consolidate the two.

To boot, Levy says, the NRA supports congressional legislation to repeal the gun ban, which could render Heller moot. He also wonders why the NRA waited more than 25 years to challenge the 1976 D.C. ordinance.

Palmer. Palmer at wikipedia.

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