Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Constitution in exile department:
Will Baude, who used to run my favorite blog, has a new gig as clerk to Chief Justice John Roberts. Photo at Above the law. whenever new gigs start i guess, maybe that means next year. Oh! That would ruin the whole point of this post, which was about what if Will gets to write the DC gun case opinion. (No, clerks don't generally write the opinions, but sometimes they get to have input.) Also found out (unverified) that crescateer Heidi Bond had been clerking for senior status Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, [after clerking for Kozinski] no wonder she doesn't update her blog.

What I've been reading:
Spent the past week in evansville on a gig.
Read Grisham's The Painted House, amazon wikipedia
part of Sweet Caroline about a Kennedy, google books
a few chapters of a 16th century Chinese book about the adventures of Monkey,
and started a book about the Gurkas.

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