Monday, December 10, 2007

one of my favorite writers, back when i used to read books, never thought to look for him online. boingboing says the podcasts are good this week - i have no speakers on this computer, and really prefer it that way.
books to read in 2008:
Volokh: getting published in law reviews, or whatever it's called.
Neal Stevenson: system of the world trilogy.
Heinlein/Robinson: Variable star.
Heinlein: For us the Living.
One thing I like about Heinlein is that there's a new book every year - even years after his death.
Tom Robbins book Wild Ducks Flying Backward, found on a wishlist from a volunteer prison librarian mentioned at boingboing mnetioned at theexperiment mentioned by google because it had a declan mccullough story about my roommate joell.

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