Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This is a placeholder for now, for the list of the 50 books I read this year.
Meanwhile, Jeremy Blachman's read 100 this year. I guess it's work for him, since he's a writer these days. He was a crescateer and rose to fame with his Anonymous Lawyer blog, which led to a book deal.
Three other crescateers have had or are doing clerkships, including Will Baude's gig with Chief Justice Roberts. There were a few other crescateers who posted less often, and I do't know what they are up to these days. This blog got 200 hits yesterday, all from boingboing, but in general I have no readers and either should hang this up or just face that I'm only talking to myself here.
There are some kind of birds - juncos?- hopping around my garden. I don't know enough about birds to participate in the annual Christmas bird census, although my sister's done that before. I've seen a dozen hawks recently, while driving to Kentucky and back. Either there are a lot of hawks, or they hang out by the highway waiting for roadkill.

One of the books that Jeremy's read that I haven't was David Mamet's Bambi meets Godzilla, amazon, bitter essays about Hollywood. At other times, he's happy simply ... to test out a theory that the early film industry owes its development to Eastern European Jews with Asperger's syndrome.
I liked the movie.

A family member has asked that I write a letter about how my year went. That would be a good project for today,and if I get it done I'll link to it here.

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