Sunday, April 06, 2008

I added scalzi to the blogroll, on a recommendation from my blogfather wil.
Scalzi sample:
Samuel Tinianow: “Bears.”
I’m for them, and I have a healthy respect for them, since most of them could take my head off without too much effort. I’m always amazed when people forget that bears are, in fact, wild animals, and try to walk up to them and take pictures with them like the bear is going to pose and be all cuddly. And then the next minute their arm is ten yards away, and then there’s screaming, and then some poor forest ranger has to go shoot the bear because some jackass can’t differentiate between a live, 500-pound animal and a plush toy. I say, shoot the human instead — the bear has an excuse for acting the way it does, but the human really doesn‘t.

I liked how the question was one word. It's from the ask scalzi anything series.
I tend to get Scalzi mixed up with Charlie Stross.
Really, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever written, about a squid, in verse.

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