Saturday, May 03, 2008

Not remotely safe for work:
Megan McCardle was blogging about Hilary's plans to sue opec over oil production, and compared this to suing GM for not offering flying cars.
So I googled for flying cars, trying to find that one I blogged about awhile back,
but it turns out "flying cars" is a short film by Kevin Smith, with the guys from Clerks. Video. And Kevin Smith is making a movie about making porn, which has this promo clip:
"I'm fucking seth rogan". http://www.quickstopentertainment.com/2008/02/25/quick-stop-exclusive-im-fing-seth-rogen/
So I'm inclined to think that's where Sarah Silverman got the idea for her "I'm fucking Matt Damon" song, unless that one came first, ok, i guess hers came first. Followed by Jimmy and Ben.
It comes around again to Hillary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5jyTc6rnbI&feature=related
Kevin Smith's blog.

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