Tuesday, June 03, 2008

World leaders are meeting at a UN sponsored summit on hunger.
The menu includes vol au vent (I had to look it up, a puff pastry appetizer) stuffed with sweetcorn and mozzarella, followed by a pasta dish with a sauce of pumpkin and shrimps, and then veal (baby cow) meatballs and cherry tomatoes, with a fruit salad and vanilla ice-cream for dessert. The wine was Orvieto Classico....cheese mousse, pasta, green beans and pineapple with ice-cream, Nero d'Avola Cabernet, courgette tart, parmesan risotto, ragout of veal (more baby cows) with sautee potatoes, and lemon mousse for dessert with a strawberry sauce, with Pino Grigio.
This is toned down from their last meeting, after criticism about the foie gras and lobster. London Times.

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