Friday, July 11, 2008

They said if they let gays marry, it could lead to all sorts of variations from the norm. Learned today that McCain got his second marriage license march 6 1980, and was divorced from first wife april 2 1980. That was big of him. The ceremony wasn't till later, so I'm not sure the legal status.
So let's see.
Scandal, one of the Keating five.
McCain: 5"7. O'Bama's taller.
McCain: brainwashed by communists in Hanoi.
O'Bama: brainwashed by communists at Harvard.
O'Bama: married, two kids.
McCain: married, two wives.
O'Bama: wants to appoint activist judges.
Mccain: wants to appoint conservative judges, like the ones who found parts of McCain-Feingold unconstitutional in McConnell v FEC, WRTL v FEC, and Davis v FEC.
McCain: honest about social security.
O'Bama: honest about teenage cocaine use.
Questions for McCain: ever eaten dog?
Questions for O'Bama: ever sold drugs?
O'Bama: too close to Farrakan
McCain: too close to Bush.
Nader: still unsafe at any speed.
Bob Barr: Meh, I'd probably vote for him if they let me vote, which they don't. Not too excited.

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