Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yeesh. 2 weeks with no blog entries. well, i was away working for a week, but still.
But I don't really have any fresh content at the moment. Hope to replace this entry with something more substantive shortly.. tomorrowish.
Not that.. I mean, blogging's dead. All the cool kids now twitter, or something.
Thi space exists mostly as my personal portal - these are the webcomics i read, the blogs, the links. It's here in part because I never did get the hang of setting a feed reader, or whatever they call those.
Oh, it's Pi day, 3/14/2009. One of the first blog entries I ever read in one of the first blogs I ever read was Wil Wheaton's discussion of pi day, about 6 years ago.

Meanwhile, a couple of stories of buried treasure:
Wired article about millions in diamonds still missing from a big heist. And I heard a story recently about King John of England - the one in the Robin Hood storied - who lost a big treasure once in a lake. It's never been found, but my idea is that with today's satellite imagery and such, it might be worth looking for. Off to google King John's treasure and see if that finds anything. Yup, here's the story. Others are already looking for it.
And here's a book about it.

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