Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I'm reading:
I havent been doing many "what I'm reading" posts this year. I'll be nowhere close to 50 books for the year unless I go thru a stack of Dr Suess's. Mostly I'm not reading books, partly I'm not blogging them as I read. Most recent was Charlie Stross' The Atrocity Archives. This is the first time I've read him on paper. I read his accelerando a few years ago probably on a tip from wil wheaton. (serindiptously, there's a box for the stand by me deluxe edition next to me on the desk here. Wil's one of my trusted recommenders, at least for books and web sites.) I bought it at an AIDS thrift on Halstead in Chicago, which I stopped in at on the way home from Milwaukee for a medical study I didn't get into, but before I got arrested in Boone County Indiana for a busted taillight. Liked the book. Kind of fantasy/science fiction/hardboiled detective, with a hint of political satire about all those survelliance cameras in the UK. Anyway, here's Charlie's 90 page online autobiography.

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