Wednesday, December 02, 2009

word for the day: exomoon.
what i'm reading:
almost finished "lbj the way he was" frank cormier (AP reporter)
finished murder must advertise a peter whimsey novel
currently reading maugham's kipling anthology.
i might only have read 20 books this year.
i didnt blog them all but if i get time i'll try to get a list together.
i did so little this year. earned less than $10,000.
only worked on a couple of cases well 4.
getting my new house together took some time and a lot of money,
but still. didn't blog much, haven't written any novels, haven't really even unpacked.
i did a few items on my to do lists, but the lists have probably gotten longer rather than shorter this year.
i recently settled a case where i'd been falsely accused of a misdemeanor. that was a distraction although it's nice to stioll have a clean record. i haven't taken my cle's this year or last year, so i'm currently not practicing law, just doing some pro se stuff.
i have a case ready to go if i catch up on my cle's. and another case about rlupia in boone county indiana.
i just tried some new amsterdam gin - it tastes like gin, but that's about all i can say for it. the store brand tonic tastes a bit off.
first drink i've had in a week.
the "stop the beach" case was argued today at the supreme court.
i've filed a motion to intervene at the indiana supreme court, in rokita v league of women voters.
i don't expect it to be granted.

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