Sunday, January 10, 2010

I had a cold and expensive trip to new haven ct., but I did get to enjoy an amazing sushi place. http://www.miyassushi.com
For $10 I had the pumpkin miso, a shiso roll, a spicy broccoli roll, a curried okra roll,and some tempura krill. This video gives some idea of what he's about. http://www.miyassushi.com/videos.html
Hmm kinda cute too. I didn't get to meet him, but I got a sense of his approach from reading the 45 page menu.
He says he was inspired as a kid from reading "my side of the mountain". That book had a big influence on me too. I went on to read Euell Gibbons and other survivalist books, and taught wilderness survival at a scout camp, and then moved to Boulder Colorado and applied the same ideas in an urban setting. Lately I've been cooking for a tough crowd - my mom, and getting pretty good reviews. I have a house now on a main drag (rt 40) that's zoned commercial,and it would be fun to do some small dinners on a commercial basis, but in practice it would meaning having to clean up the living room and set up a table, so it probably won't happen. Right now that room is usually in a state of flux from stuff coming in and out from my recycling projects.

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